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FoxyRabbit's RCA Coupler

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FoxyRabbit's RCA Coupler
FoxyRabbit's RCA Coupler
FoxyRabbit's RCA Coupler

FoxyRabbit's RCA Coupler

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FoxyRabbit's RCA Coupler

Here at FoxyRabbit Toys we found the dildo business to be a little too devoid of 90's/00's era video game technology so we decided to start making accessories for your gaming satisfaction.

This is why we're introducing the new RCA Coupler!

Are your cables too long to fit into your TV and keep your wired game consoles at a comfortable distance? If so, this is not the product for you, but stay tuned for the FoxyRabbit Bladed Scissoring device (Not to be confused with scissors). If you happen to be having the opposite problem of cables being too short, then this is the right product for you. This RCA coupler will help you ensure that your audio and video signals make it to their destination in one piece for the most explosive audio/visual experience imaginable.

Imagine being able to change CD's in the stereo from the comfort and safety of your couch. Changing discs on the old' Gamestation? Easy as pie. All of these things, and some additional things, can be yours today when you order the FoxyRabbit RCA Coupler.

Thanks to a sudden and unexpected demand for retro audio/visual devices, the RCA Coupler is back for the foreseeable future.

About this item
  • Available in 64 karat silver or 14 karat gold plating.† 

  • Uses ribbed interior to make sure your cables stay put*

  • Perfectly pocket sized at 7" in length and less than 3" in diameter.*** 

  • Factually better when used to view media on a CRT screen. Pay no attention to lies from plasma TV dealers. LCD Dealers, we're keeping our eyes on you.

  • Compatible with: GameStation, Box, SOGY Dreamfish, N128, TOFT, and other systems**

  • Package Content : 1x RCA Coupler in your choice of color to match application.

    † Contains no actual silver or gold
    *FoxyRabbit Toys is not responsible for cables slipping out of connector too easily. Our product is not too big, your connectors are just too small.
    **Only for GameToy
    *** WARNING, do not store in pocket. If coupler begins speaking in Latin, do not respond in Italian; this is a mistake and will only make it angrier. Only respond to talking pocket coupler in approved languages such as Portugese, Pidgin, or Pig Latin. Transmitido en español en sap(se no habla español)