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Terms of Sale

Here at FoxyRabbit Toys we have a few rules that apply to the terms of sale:

All Products sold are Non-Returnable

                As this is a store that sells personal use items, returns cannot and will not be accepted. This is because it is a serious risk to the health of the store and it may even be illegal to ship used items in some jurisdictions. We understand that there may be conditions upon which someone may have an unused item that itself should not pose a health risk; however, the health and safety of staff and customers are not something we will compromise.

All Products are sold with a Limited Warranty

                While you can’t return items, please contact us immediately if you notice any issues in manufacturing. Please have pictures of the issue ready and be aware that we may ask for more information or media to show the issue clearly and to come to an understanding of its origin. In the event that your item has a manufacturing related issue, we would be happy to send you a partial refund or a replacement according to the situation.

                This warranty will only apply to the original owner of the item(typically the purchaser) and is guaranteed for a period of 30 days following the delivery of the item. We will not issue refunds outside of the warranty period; however, If there an issue arises outside of this warranty period please contact us and we will assist you to the best of our ability.

                Defects on the base of toys (typically the glossy part that would touch the floor if it was sitting straight up) will not be considered a warranty issue. These are an occasional, but natural occurrence and do not impact the safety or function of any item.

                Tears around the entrance of penetrable toys will not be considered as part of the limited warranty. Be sure to inspect the entrance of your penetrable and notify us immediately of any defect noticed.

If you notice any physical issues with your items, please discontinue use and contact us for assistance immediately.

Reshipping and Forwarding Services

                As a rule, we do not ship to reshipping and forwarding services. If your order is going to an address that can be resolved to a reshipping or forwarding service, your order may be delayed or cancelled(see below). You will be required to pay the difference in shipping costs before your order will be shipped. Contact us to talk about any particular shipping needs that should be met.


                If an order has not been made yet, it will be eligible for cancellation. Any cancelled order will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.