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FoxyRabbit's Stretching Cone

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FoxyRabbit's Stretching Cone
FoxyRabbit's Stretching Cone

FoxyRabbit's Stretching Cone

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Suction Cup [ $5.00 ]
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Cum Tube [ $10.00 ]

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FoxyRabbit's Stretching Cone

Introducing one of the most complex and over engineered toys from FoxyRabit Toys.
The intricacies of its design baffle and confound even the most astute aesthetician among us (and it's rather neat to look at too!) It's the one and only FoxyRabbit Toys Stretching Cone!

What started as a prototyping session for a different idea quickly turned into a toy that punches well above its pay grade for how 'uniquely complicated' its design is (or isn't). 
The end result is this here stretching cone which is equally as practical as it is fun to look at!

It boasts these exciting features:
  • Whether you're just starting out with anal play or you just want to move up a size from where you're currently at the stretching cone's very gradual taper will allow you to train yourself to go bigger at your own pace.

  • If you're already trained enough for what you like the cone offers a huge advantage in being able to extremely expedite a warm up session to get you ready play with your favorite toys faster than ever before!

  • It works fantastically as a stand-alone toy rather than just a trainer. Once you're trained well enough to be able to take it down to the safety edge, riding on the cone itself is an amazing experience of constant stretching

  • The smooth surface along with its conic shape make it extremely easy to insert to get you fun going fast and let it last!


The bottom line is that its shape and size selection makes it perfect for everyone regardless of whether you're just starting your backdoor adventures or if you're a real experienced keister crusader!

Grab yours today and see for yourself how it can elevate your experience!